Florida teen ‘doc’ goes on trial

Last September we wrote about a Florida teenager posing as a physician assistant in Osceola Regional Medical Center in Kissimmee. The time has come for his trial.
Prosecutor Sarah Freeman is accusing Matthew Scheidt of impersonating a physician assistant. Witness testimony is pretty strong, multiple hospital personnel claimed they saw Scheidt wearing scrubs, stethoscope on his neck and even use stethoscope to examine patients chest.
During the police investigation the suspect admitted he performed a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedure on the patient who suffered from drug overdose. He then explained he was asked to do it by a doctor, there was no one else in the room so he didn’t want to let the patient die.
His defendant is attorney, Jamie Kane who’s trying to convince the jury her client is innocent. The defense tries to push the fault to the hospital administration which member already admitted they didn’t check suspect credentials upon issuing id badge replacement as it was busy time in the office.
PA case isn’t the only impersonation attempt of Scheidt; in January he was arrested for impersonating police officer in Osceola, Florida.
If found guilty Matt Scheidt faces 25 years in prison; he’s charged with 5 felony charges of  impersonating a physician assistant and practicing medicine without a license.
We’ll keep our readers posted. Stay tuned

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