too many id badges for one person

A 53 years old male was stopped for a minor traffic violation only to be found out to posses countless number of credentials. New Port Richey, Florida police has hands full of works and asks for public cooperation.
Roy Antigua, native Cuban living in Florida was found to carry a fake military id card during an ordinary traffic stop. When his apartment was searched during the investigation the police found multiple uniforms, including but not limited to Coast Guard, US Customs and Homeland security. Additionally multiple military decorations have been found including Medal of Honor, the highest US Army medal. That is not all though, multiple id badges were found too, including flight instructor, physician assistant, Secret Service even CIA.
He drives Cadillac Escalade SUV with Coast Guard license plates, Homeland Security registration sticker and red-blue flashing light behind the radiator grill.
For those who read an impostor story for the first time it might be surprising how far they guy has gone to play his role. Those who have heard similar stories, especially when it comes to law enforcement impostors his collection is within the average mainstream.
The question that the investigators are facing right now is that if Antigua is a harmless individual living in fantasy world or a dangerous criminal acting as somebody else and hurting innocent people. Allegedly he has criminal history of grand theft in 2011 when he was a member of voluntary group Coast Guard Auxiliary in Miami.
While the police is actively working with other law enforcement agencies and medical providers so check if Antigua was trying to deal with them they’re also asking public if the suspect tried to act as someone he wasn’t.
Should you have any tip for the police in this case please call Detective Michael Anderson at 727-816-1130

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