Idaho: DMV has completed transition to new ID card and driver’s license

Idaho Transportation Department announced the transition to the new ID card and driver’s licenses is completed as of July 12th 2011. Both state ID card and driver’s license carry state of the art security features protecing the documuents against forgery. With the new documents Idaho stops issuing driver’s licensesand id card over the counter; all documents are now sent from a central facility, same way as 24 other states. Applicants are now given temporary paper driver’s license or ID card to use for up to 30 days before the plastic one arrives in mail ussualy within 10 business days. Current licenses can be used up to the expiration date. Transition to the new documents started in May is considered to be successful. Alan Frew, DMV administrator says “We are proud of how well the rollout of the new license went,(…) We are also proud of how the cards will better protect Idahoans from identity theft and fraud.”
Lesson learned from the process is to pay special attention to the correct mailing address, especially apt#, mobile home spot and primary resident name in case of residents living with friends or relatives.

full press release is available online at:

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