Kenya: national ID card production resumes

Production of national ID cards was halted in Kenya in July 2010. The reason for stopping the process was production materials delivery problems. Minister of Immigration Affairs, Otieno Kajwang, announced production re-launch on Monday press conference. 150 thousand applications were processed in last 2 weeks while 650 thousand more are awaiting processing since the last year halt. With new printing machines purchased recently and capacity of 25 thousand cards a day the backlog is expected to be cleared in the matter of a few weeks. The government has allocated 183 milion shillings for production of 2 more millions of national id cards only this year. Rapid production process is required to make sure young population of Kenya can take part in presidential elections coming up in August 2012.
All individuals 18 and above in Kenya must register with National Registration Bureau and obtain a national ID. Failure to do so is considred a crime. Proof of citizenship is required in order to obtain the document; citizenship can be obtained through birth, descent, registration, or naturalization. National ID card is required to apply for a job, college admission, travelling outside of the country, conducting business, opening bank account or accessing government institutions.
Card issuance is free of charge however replacement fee was introduced in May this year due to high demand for replacement and document careless handling by the citizens. We wrote about it in a separate article.

photo ID badge