Mississippi college students have to wear ID badges

The new policy that requires all students to wear college photo ID badges when on campus will be enforced beginning this semester at Northeast Mississippi Community College. The primary goal behind the new regulation is safety improvement, the badge exposed would allow for instant student versus non student identification. Also administration is pretty serious about enforcing the policy, first time the campus police we warn the student who is not wearing the id card but then $25 ticket would be issued.college hat

New requirement got mixed reviews among the students, while most understand the safety concerns some feel the policy makes the problem growing out of proportions, also the fine amount was regarded as rather high.
It’s hard not to link the policy change to Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. Similar accidents took place at college campuses several times. While wearing id badges can’t directly prevent campus violence accidents they raise level of general security. Needless to mention social aspect of the initiative, how many times you don’t recall even the first name of the person you have been just introduced to. Ability to match face to a name has been scientifically proven to create stronger bond in communities.
I agree, ticketing $25 for forgetting to wear a badge is a little rough and I hope it won’t become a source of revenue for the school.

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