NJ medical marijuana ID card out

Last week the state of New Jersey introduced and id card for residents who are allowed to get marijuana for medical purposes. The step comes after 2 years of bureaucracy since the medical use of the drug law was approved in January 2010. The delay caused heavy criticism from sickness support groups and caregivers who sometimes must have entered illegal market to get a drug that has already became legal.
Cannabis use was approved only for a handful of serious conditions including cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s decease and glaucoma. Patients who would like to apply for the document must have been seeing their doctor for at least one year and be registered with the state. It would be the doctor not the patient who applies for for the identification number and then the patient and also direct caregiver is eligible to apply for the photo id card.
The application is rather expensive, $200 but only $20 for those on medicaid or medicare. Upon completing registration it should only take up to 5 days for the card to be issued and mailed to the applicant. With the card the patient and the caregiver would be able to get a pot from one of six state designated dispensaries.
Unfortunately the growing centers are not ready to serve the ones in need. Due to problems with local permits and delays for the law coming into force there are virtually no plantations with crop ready to harvest. First designated dispensaries are expected to open sometime in September
Patients can get more info or register by going to the state program website at
or calling 609-292-0424

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