NJ: Mercer County offers veteran ID cards

New Jersey state ID card with veteran status designated can now be obtained to Mercer county residents for discounted fee of $10. An application can be submitted in county office at 209 South Broad Street in Trenton. An applicant would need the following to apply:

  • Must be a Mercer County resident for at least 6 months.
  • Must produce the following:
    • A valid birth certificate with a raised seal or a naturalization certificate.
    • A valid NJ Motor Vehicle License or voter registration card or, lease agreement.
  • To have their US military veteran status designated on the ID card, veterans must also produce or register their DD-214 honorable discharge papers with the County Clerk’s Office

Veteran’s ID card become especially handy during Memorial Day weekend when a lot of vendors offer special discounts for the veterans ranging from grocery items to airline tickets and cars.

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