nurse impostor without id badge steals a newborn

This love drama story fortunately has a happy end, child has been reunited with the parents and is doing great. It took place in Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
19 years old Breona Moore allegedly tried to build an impression of expecting the baby. While her family doubt the pregnancy she has done a lot to make it look real, she drop out of school, found a job, shopped for baby care cosmetics and clothing, kept posting about pregnancy on Facebook profile including photos of being pregnant and fetus sonogram scans, she also managed to weigh 230 pounds while being only 5’4″ upon being arrested.
Allegedly Moore entered the hospital premises last week wearing nurse scrubs. She was quickly spotted by the personnel as she wasn’t wearing an employee photo id badge but when asked about it she said she was ending the shift. She managed to get to a room where parents and infants are awaiting discharge. Moore followed a real nurse to the room; after security band was removed from baby’s wrist and the nurse left the room she told the parent she needs to take the baby for one last physical check. She then ran away from the hospital with the baby hidden in a zipper bag.
Upon the kidnapping story reaching the public Moore’s family contacted authorities suspecting that Breona might be involved in it. The suspect met her boyfriend, Josey in Pittsburg downtown; she was arrested 30 minutes later.
Moore is being held in jail on $250,000 bail, she was charged with kidnapping, concealing the whereabouts of a child, criminal trespass, unlawful restraint, interference with custody of a child, reckless endangerment and falsely impersonating a nurse.
The motive is speculated to be a desire to stay in relationship with the boyfriend, Josey. Hospital authorities is cooperating with the police investigation and will look into security improvements which would help prevent such incidents in the future.
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