it’s worth to ask for ID badge even a cop in uniform

It has been recently reported that a man wearing police body armor suit and a gun by his belt shown up at 1AM at Toronto resident house. The man demanded access to the premises for the purpose of police investigation. The homeowner remained cool and asked for police ID badge when the person acting as a police officer ran away. Police officer impostors are not as common as utility companies ones but such cases are reported from time to time. Policemen wearing body armor hardly ever visit anyone alone, armor indicates a planned and coordinated action which usually involves a group of armed forces. Also the time of the visit is rather unusual, unless you call the police or there is something going on in the neigborhood you should not expect police visit between 10PM and 6 AM. Another hint of impostor misbehavior in this case is that he hasn’t introduced himself. Unless police armed forces are storming a property police officer knocking at the door introduces himfself, describes the purpose of a visit and shows identification if not in uniform. Even a police wearing uniform has an obligation to produce identification when asked before entering private property; either police badge or photo id card should be presented. Cautios attitude of Toronto resident should be an example of proper conduct.

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dual chip electronic ID cards in Asia Pacific

ZDNet reported that Asian-Pacific governments plan to implement two chips electronic identification cards for its citizens. Technology of 2 chip cards has been known for few years. Basically a card is equipped with two computer chips holding diferent sets of data and using separate access interface. For example a chip holding less secure data such identification number for public transportation uses radio frequency contactless interface and requires no PIN to be entered while accessing data. Another chip holds personal and biometric data which is encrypted; contact pad card reader is required to access the data which is often protected by PIN aside from built in encryption. This way dual chip card is able to offer versatility and security at once. Sounds like a perfect solution? Unfortunaltelly no, at least not yet. The contact interface of the card consits of metal pads which conduct electricity and therefore transfer the data. Metal conductors wear with every day use, not even reading the card but rubbing it when removed from wallet or purse. In result the cards are guaranteed to work for around 5 years which is less than most governments wants them to be valid for. One of the examples was Germany where national e-ID card was launched with RF only and made valid for 10 years. On the other hand some countries like Sweden decided to go with 2-chip cards. The document has been available since 2005, it’s valid for 5 years and isn’t mandatory for the residents. Rather high cost of 42 Euros might certainly be a reason against getting one. The card is valid mean of identification in Sweden and allows to travel withing the Schengen treaty zone but to other countries where regular passport is required.

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FBI launches child ID card app for iPhone

Federal Buereu of Investigation has recently launched an application for iPhone which may help finding a missing child. It’s a fairly simple app that stores child photo and basic data such height, weight and any relevant details which can be quickly transmitted to the authorities in case a child goes missing. According to the FBI statistics a person under age of 18 goes missing every 40 seconds. In case of missing people time is of the essence. The electronic children ID card can also be used in places that have their own security like shopping malls or amusement parks.
App publisher claims no data is collected until the owner decides to trasmit it. Support for other mobile phone platforms are expected soon. App can be downloaded for free from iTunes store.

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Georgia: electronic ID cards introduced

Effective August 1st 3 Georgian towns Tbilisi, Batumi and Rustavi introduced electronic identification. The new document will be available accross the country starting September. It replaces old paper based national identification as well as adds more functionality. New document allows for online and offline identification and it’s accepted to sign electronic documents with digital signature which has the same power as a physical signature. The card will also be valid for online banking, insurance policies and municipal transport. Old documents remain valid till the expiration date. New documents can be obtained at the price of GEL 30-65 ($18-39), cost depends on how quick the card is issued. Minimum time is 1 day and maximum is 10 days. President Saakashvili handed several cards to Batumi residents in front of Justice Palace. He made a statement about Georgia being among safest, least buerocratic and most tranparent countries in the world. The presentation was accompanied by a concert given by Nino Katamadze, a popular Georgian signer.
Georgia experienced Russian military intervention in summer of 2008 and lost a province called Osetia where residents were against Georgia government and reported being harassed by Tbilisi administration which was the official reason for intervention. Conflict was ended with French president Nicalas Sarcozy mediating in the of European Community. Relationship between Russia and Georgia remain tense since.

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ID badges even for Parish staff?

Well, yes, according to Widdrington Station and Stobswood Parish Council (United Kingdom). The idea was raised after parish chairmen visit to a lady who asked for some sort of identification which parish staff members were unable to provide.
At the first glance the idea might sound like an overkill. All parishoners should know their priest, pastor or vicar, but would they also know a parish council chairman or member by face?
When people see strangers at the door they usually expect the door to door sellers and hardly meet them with warmth. The fact that door to door sellers hardly ever say at first that they are who they really are and rather pretend they want to warn us aboyt something o share some great piece of knowwledge with us or know our opinion on something is adding to people suspicious attitude towards strangers at the doorstep. Ability to produce proper identification such as phot ID badge may change the situation and save some stress. UK parish example clearly shows the need for proper identification for anyone who visit people at home.
Another area of concern is the impostors usually acting as utility service company workers. They usually target elderly people and warning about such activity is being reported almost every week. While missing identification they often try to get access to someones home by convincing people about a matter in need of urgent attention.
Decent purpose isn’t enough to convince people to focus attention or trust strangers. Because of this all visiting staff of any company or institution should equip their field staff with proper means of identification.

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Jakarta ID card program launch countdown

The long awaited project switched to fast lane this week. Desktop computers, finger print scanners and cameras are being to delivered to the city’s 267 offices while network connectivity setup is getting to the final testing stage. Process of issuing the documents is set to start in August. Every citizen over 17 will get a unique identification number that will reamain the same for life. Electronic ID cards are distributed free of charge. The cost of the project is estimate for $425 million.
Highly secure document will improve security, social services distribution, health care system, election system and counter terrorist activities.
Controversy remain in the subject of issuing ID cards to illegal residents of Jakarta, the decision has been changed multiple times. According to the latest news occupants of the areas illegal for settlements will be denied eID cards which should prevent building illegal housing in the city. It’s estimated that as many as 200,000 live in Jakarta, mostly in the northern part of the city. Entire population is expected to be covered with the new document by the end of 2012.

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CT: TSA ID badge misuse

Donald Eichler, 63 years old Transportation Security Administration worker was arrested yesterday morning near South Windsor. The charge is driving a vehicle to harass or intimidate. According to the police report Eichler was following another vehicle blowing the born and flashed his TSA ID badge. The badge which resembles police badge caused a followed vehicle driver to call 911; the women suspected that the badge is not genuine and the person showing it might be impersonating a police officer. Eichler explanation was that the woman was driving less than 30MPH in 40MPH zone causing long line of cars following to blow the horn. He expected that showing the badge would cause the woman to speed up.
Although the whole situation might look like a result of road rage it contributes to bad opinion TSA staff has for both on and off duty behavior. Using TSA badge off duty to intimidate another person is a violation of the rules. Aside from police charges Eichler may also face disciplinary action within TSA.

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Ontario: new ID card

After long wait Ontario residents are now able to get non driver’s license ID card. The need for such government issued document has been growing since 9/11. In terrosim threat world more and more doors are getting closed to those who cannot produce state issued identification. It’s not only the obvious things like boarding an airplane or entering club but also opening bank account or even casting ellection ballot. Due to the lack of proper identification availabilty Health Card became substition for government identification, acceptance of the card remained in discretion of clerk, salesman or banker as a document missing address of residence couldn’t be used as valid form of identification in many cases.
New Ontario ID card costs $35 and it’s valid for 5 years. Anyone over 16 years old can apply. It’s estimated that 1.5 million residents are in need for the new document. Contrary to the main trend province government decided to go with a simple document without high tech security features. In result the card is not valid to cross the country border. There are to reasons for giving up high tech, cost – easily understood during tough economy and time – as it’s estimated it would take significantly longer to get the process going with sophisticated security features. Supposing the card gets use for over 100,000 residents in first few years the program will turn budget neutral. 21 province service centers will be accepting applications for the new document; all 300 locations will be accepting applications by 2012.
Except Quebec all Candian province now offer government photo ID cards.

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Oakland, CA: Municipal ID card still in the pipe

Over 3 years ago a discussion begun in Oakland, CA on municipal ID card project. The idea was to solve identification problems for illegal immigrants, trangender and poor residents of the city. The card was suppose to double as debit card. This way people would have to carry. While the idea of municipal ID card is rather widely supported it must remain budget neutral to the city in order to keep the level of support it has now. In today’s crisis times and budget struggle over every item, especially in California asking for money to support a new and uncommon project might be a risky idea. With level of frustration rising city council will consider stipping the ID card from its debit card functionality. Such move might help the project to move into production phase but debit card functionality was one of the key idea of the project; without financial help from bank fees the card might get too expensive for potential applicants. Main concern for the council is that winning contractor for the project, SF Mexico Services (LA based company) backed by Central National Bank and Trust of Enid (based in Oklahoma) have enough credibility and experience to manage cardholder funds. Veryfing that takes time and money while Latin residents group leaders say get ID cards now and debit card functionality can follow in the future. Council is expected to discuss the topic on tonight’s meeting.

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Clinton, IA: ID badge required for door to door sellers

According to Clinton Herald city council has decided that door to door sellers will have to wear ID badges when visiting the town of Clinton. The new rule is expected to improve security of this sale practice. Applicants for the seller ID badge would be screened with backgreound check and fingerprinted. The ID badge will show person’s name, photo, company and expiration date. Local farmers, newspaper representatives and scouts are exempted from the rule.

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