mandatory dog ID card law in Westmount, Canada

Canadian town of Westmount, Quebec requires all dogs owners to carry ID badge effective May 3. The new measure goal is to improve public security officers safety who otherwise have to approach the pet which resulted in a few bites in the past. City councillor Cynthia Lulham said “Many dogs are not very open to being approached by a stranger to look at their neck, and we would have several biting incidents a year,”Many dog owners haven’t welcomed the regulations with understanding. Carrying a document for a dog sounds overkill to many town residents. City however annouced high penalties for dog owners not carrying ID cards for their dogs; $75-300 for first offense and up to $600 for repeat offenders.

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Richmond, CA considers issuing municipal ID cards

Like San Francisco and Oakland, Richmond also considers issuing city ID cards. The idea is on schedule to become the law on July 5th.  The ID card is mainly for undocumented immigrants who cannot obtain any state or federal issued identification in the US. City issued ID card would be sufficient to get utilities, bank account and access city amenities like libraries or pools.

While critics of the bill say it may attract illegal immigrants to the city supporters argue that the city immigrants population, which is already sizable, lives in the shadow. Mayor Gayle McLaughlin said: “the cards will help (immigrants) feel more comfortable in reaching out to the police,”. Over 200 people rallied in front of the city council to support the idea of municipal ID cards for all residents.

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Teaneck NJ: new photo ID badge system for town facilities

Teaneck residents are getting a brand new photo ID badge system for the town amenities. It started this year with Votee pool. Every resident who wants to use the pool this year has to get the new photo ID badge with a scannable bar code. The new ID badge system will improve town facilities security and also allow for attendance tracking. New ID basges are durable but not waterproof and should be taken off before using the pool. Recreation Department managed to intriduce the new system without raising the price of pool season passes. New badges can be obtained at Recreation Department’s Administrative Office in the Richard Rodda Community Center, 250 Colonial Ct. Until July 26, the office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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India: Unique ID card to carry medical data?

During a panel discussion on “The Impact of IT revolution on healthcare” Shailesh Niyogi, board director, Lokmanya Hospitals said that doctors response might get improved by including basic medical data on citizen’s ID cards. The information is crucial during the first hour of care also called the golden hour due to its significance in medical procedures. Golden hour is the most important time in accident and trauma cases. Basic medical data such blood type, allergies or prescribed medications printed on the ID card may give medical personnel live saving information which would take hours to obtain elsewhere. IT has the potential to revolutionize health care however data security measures raise plenty of concern. India has one of the most computerized health care system in the world.

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Nigeria national ID card launches this week

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) starts national ID card program this week. In Nigeria it’s also another attempt to get population registration system running. Every citizen will get National Identification Number (NIN) 9 digit unique identifier. Over 150 million Nigerians are expected to register. New systems supports high security features of biometrics technology. There are high hopes associated with the project. While most national and state services are planned to be tied to NIN fraud and identity theft risk should be marginalized. Nigeria has been struggling with national ID issues for decades. Previous major attempt to get the country ID cards ended with a corruption scandal in 2003.

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ID badges for South Dakota flooded areas

The State Emergency Operations Center in Pierre and Fort Pierre, SD has started issuing ID badges to the residents displaced by the Missouri river flood. The security feature goal is to protect the areas where citizens have left their homes from looting. In order to apply the displaced residents need to produce state driver’s license or state issued ID card. ID badges can be obtained at Georgia Morse Middle School in Pierre today from noon to 8 p.m. and Tuesday, June 7, from noon to 8 p.m. The districts which require ID badge to enter are:

in Pierre
Zone 1 – Buchanan St. east to the City limits and north to Dakota Ave.

Zone 2 – Buchanan St. west to Crow St. and north to Dakota Ave.

Zone 3 – Crow St. to River Place Drive

in Fort Pierre

Zone 4 – Highway 14/83 Bridge north.

Zone 5 – Highway 14/83 Bridge to Bad River.

Zone 6 – Bad River south.

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new housekeeper wi-fi ID badge for Carlyle and Savoy Suites in DC

The Carlyle Suites and Savoy Suites Hotels in Washington, DC have introduced a new security feature for their staff. Every housekeeper wears an ID badge that doubles as wi-fi transmitter. In case of emergency a button on the ID badge can be pressed that would not only alarm security but also point to the location of the employee. Richard Spigler, President of the Carlyle Suites & Savoy Suites Hotels said “We recognize that other conditions such as medical emergencies can occur quickly and without warning.  This simple pressing of a button will instantly notify additional staff bringing about a quicker response and resolution to the problem.” The system is planned to go live next week.

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Minnesota ID card voter bill vetoed by the governor

Democratic governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton vetoed voter ID bill yesterday. The main reason for the veto was lack of broad, bipartisan support for the bill. Republicans who prepared the bill argued it was for stronger integrity of the voting system and fraud prevention. Dayton rejected those arguments stating that voter fraud is not a big problem in Minnesota according to his belief. The governor set January 15, 2013 as deadline for making changes to the bill that would attract bipartisan support.

As of now 11 states requires ID card to vote, 30 other states are considering changes in the voting process.

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NJ: Mercer County offers veteran ID cards

New Jersey state ID card with veteran status designated can now be obtained to Mercer county residents for discounted fee of $10. An application can be submitted in county office at 209 South Broad Street in Trenton. An applicant would need the following to apply:

  • Must be a Mercer County resident for at least 6 months.
  • Must produce the following:
    • A valid birth certificate with a raised seal or a naturalization certificate.
    • A valid NJ Motor Vehicle License or voter registration card or, lease agreement.
  • To have their US military veteran status designated on the ID card, veterans must also produce or register their DD-214 honorable discharge papers with the County Clerk’s Office

Veteran’s ID card become especially handy during Memorial Day weekend when a lot of vendors offer special discounts for the veterans ranging from grocery items to airline tickets and cars.

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UAE: delays again in ID card delivery process

Empost – UAE courier service officials admitted they have 14,000 national ID cards pending delivery. New ID card application are not accepted as a result of this backlog. Over 11 thousand ID cards cannot be delivered due to lack of response from the receiver. Sultan Al Midfa , CEO of Empost said: ”Some of their mobile phones were constantly busy or switched off and some others requested to keep the card with us as they would collect it from our counters,” Empost is in touch with EIDA and promises to resume accepting new ID card application shortly.

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