Select CT ID, new DMV program

Connecticut DMV launches a new program for the ID cards and driver’s licenses. The program offers deeper security screening for applicants who would like to use their DL or ID cards for federal identification. Additional screening include more documents like birth certificate, US passport and proof of legal residence for non US citizens. Anyone who applies for federal identification option will get a gold star on their new document; people who opt out will get a stamp “Not for Federal Identification” and should expect extra screening on airports and when entering federal buildings. There is no additional cost for extra screening. More at

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UAE: nat’l ID card can be obtained at the post office

EIDA and Emirates Post announced that applicant for the new national ID card can go the nearest post office to collect a printed card. This new approach is a reaction to complaints of citizens who had to pick up their new ID cards at often remote post office after receiving an SMS saying it’s ready. Now after the applicant request his card to be transferred to his local post office it takes up to 3 days for the card to arrive. Another change is that lost or damaged card can be reissued without the tormenting process of another fingerprinting.

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Ottumwa, IA: check ID badge of DHS worker before letting home

The Iowa Department of Human Services has warned Ottumwa, IA residents to be careful when people claiming to be social workers show up at their homes front doors. DHS spokesman, Roger Munns, announced the agency told Ottumwa police on Thursday that at least 3 three residents within the last couple of days have let impostors into their homes after they identified themselves as department workers. Munns says the men left after residents answered questions about their families. The residents later called the agency because the questions and demeanor raised doubt. DHS representatives are required to present state issued ID badge upon requesting an interview.

More at Iowa DHS site

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UAE national photo ID card linked to residence visa

As the United Arab Emirates announced last year the national photo ID card will be linked to residence visa. Application for the id card will be filed during PMC (Preventive Medicine Center) for medical tests. Temporary residents can visit authorised typing centre to fill out the application form and pay the fee, complete the visa medical test at a PMC and then visit the Emirates ID registration centre to complete the registration process. Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) announced yesterday that Western region of Abu Dhabi will lead the project making the link effective on Sunday. The measure has been already tested in Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.

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Omaha school considers ID badge requirement

After the shooting that took place at Millard South High School in Omaha, NE on Jan 5 discussion has begun on how to improve the safety measures. Among the ideas that came up are mesh backpacks, cell phone use ban, requirement to stay on campus for lunch and carrying ID badge.

January shooting left 2 people dead. Robert Butler Jr. used his father’s handgun to fatally shoot assistant principal Vicki Kaspar and wound principal Curtis Case. Kaspar had suspended Butler, whose father is an Omaha police detective, that morning for driving on the football field. Butler fled the school and killed himself.

New safety measures will be reviewed by school officials within few weeks

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Social Security Number to disappear from military ID cards

Starting this summer military ID cards will no longer show Social Security numbers. The process of removing SSN from the system started in 2008 when it was replaced with X from military dependent cards. After SSN being removed from visible part of military ID card it will be ruled out from scanable bar code soon after. Social Security numbers will be replaced by existing Defense Department ID numbers, 10 digit long, identifying individuals directly in DOD database. Project of phasing out SSN from military ID cards is estimated to take 4 years to complete.

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South Africa: 750k national ID cards awaiting pickup

Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma announced today that her department has 750k ID cards not collected by the citizens. She said the money spent on producing uncollected cards could have been spent better elsewhere. Minister also said “The re-issuing increases the possibility of duplicate IDs and identity theft by unscrupulous elements,”. Home Affairs ministry significantly raised cost of ID and passport application saying “In the event of natural disasters such as floods and fires which may destroy all these documents whether it is IDs, birth certificates or marriage certificates the documents will be replaced by the state, free of charge.”

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new ID badge with 433MHz active RFID

GuardRFID Introduces the First High-Functionality 433MHz Active RFID Staff Tag. This is a major frequency leap from commonly used 13.25MHz cards. New type of ID badge offers two way communication and 2 custom button response capacity and 2 custom LED alerting capacity. Unlike most of proximity cards it has replaceable batteries that last 12 months. New type of RFID tag will allow for staff location including detection of direction-of-travel of staff into buildings on the campus of a global enterprise facility. GuardRFID Solutions Inc. is federally incorporated in Canada, with its head office in British Columbia, and its Sales office in Chicago, IL.

more at:

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photo id debit card for Idaho State University students

ISU credit union will start issuing debit cards which will double as student ID card for Idaho State University students. The card, called BengalCard Plus, will have 2 magnetic stripes. The black one for debit card purchases and the orange one for student benefits access (building access, library, meal plans etc.). 10% of card use fees will go to the university budget which is especially helpful in budget cut days. ISU Credit Union will build a new high tech branch in the Pond Student Union Building to serve the faculty, students and staff of Idaho State University. Using the card at campus ATMs will be free of charge.

More at:

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Tennessee House passed voter ID bill

Despite Democrats argument Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill, which requires voters to present photo ID card when casting ballots. According to Democrats 500k Tennessee residents don’t have a form of identification that would cut for the new law. Proposed bill for issuing ID cards free of charge to those who can’t afford it hasn’t been passed. Non-driver state photo ID card costs $9.50 to issue.

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