Richmond, CA: municipal ID card – done deal

City council voted unanimously for municipal ID card on Tuesday evening ending a long debate over the issue. According to the new rule every resident of Richmond who spent at least 15 days of past 30 days in the city would eligible for the municipal ID card. Minors need to have their parents or legal guardians submit the application for the ID card. Municipal ID card would be valid for 2 years. Valid document is required to obtain the ID card; it could be a foreign passport or consulate issued ID card. Besides identification the ID card can also double as debit card with $200 limit. This feature is expected to reduce the crime rate in town; undocummented immigrants were know for caring substantial amounts of cash which made them target for the robberies to the point when they start to strike back often with shooting involved.
The bill was sponsored by Jovanka Beckles and supported by mayor Galye McLaughlin. Althogh the idea has passed the city council unanimously it doesn’t mean controversies have disappeared. A concern that additional residents will become officially eligible for social services is widespread in California and Richmond is no exception. The state deep budget gap is often referred to social services overuse by illegal immigrants who as cash paid workforce hardly pay any taxes yet use expensive social services like, education, healthcare and food stamps.

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