UAE: national ID card in minutes?

Abu Dhabi: by the next year UAE residents will be able to get the national ID card in minutes at a local EIDA (Emirates Identity Authority) center. This would allow for quick ID card delivery, within minutes after submitting the application. Local center would check the quality of biometric data obtained using online service with the EIDA headquarters. Fast issue service will first be available for ID card renewal and if everything goes smooth for new applications as well. At the present time ID card applicants need to set an appointment visit a local EIDA center for application submission and biometric data collection; the card is then printed at the EIDA headquarters and sent with courier service to the person directly or to a near post office for in person collection. New national ID card program experienced delays in card delivery in past due to high volume and problems with addresses correction. UAE ID card abitious project is to bind the ID card with immigration visa services, health care, social benefits and utilities payment. General manager of the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida), Dr Ali Al Khoury said “… we would like to encourage residents to continue applying for their ID cards. Soon, this ID will help residents access services like paying for their utility bills with features embedded in the card,”

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