Virginia voter id law upheld

The Department of Justice has cleared Virginia new election legislation to become the law. Like 15 other Southern states Virginia needed DOJ pre-clearance to amend election legislation due to history of voter discrimination. Unlike other Southern states, especially South Carolina and Texas Virginia allows a broad range of documents to be used for voter identification. It doesn’t necessarily have to be state issued photo id card or driver’s license; Social Security card or even a utility bill would cut. A voter with no piece of identification at all can still cast a provisional ballot, he just needs to bring an approved identification document with 7 days from election day.
I think it also mattered that Virginia has been requiring id for voting for years but would allow to vote without any identification as long as the voter would swear he is who he’s claiming to be. The affidavit identity voting privilege was taken out with the new legislation.
Another factor favoring the state was that the Governor Robert F. McDonnell ordered Board of Elections to send every registered voter a new voter card upon signing the bill.
The DOJ decision means the new rules would have to be obeyed in November presidential elections. South Carolina and Texas are still waiting for DOJ clearance.

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