$350k settlement for immigration raid

June 4, 2007, New Haven, CT town administration introduced municipal photo id cards for town resident who couldn’t get state issued identification including undocumented immigrants. 2 days later Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents raided Latino community which resulted in 30 arrests. Many city officials and attorneys hired for the arrested individuals regarded ICE raid as a retaliation for city ID card program although ICE officials denied that allegation calling the raid a routine action. In October 2009 the attorneys representing 11 of the people arrested in that raid filed a civil suit in federal court on the ground of violation of constitutional protection against racial profiling and unreasonable searches, ICE was additionally charged for offending the 10th amendment. Complaint’s testimony included the fact that ICE agents forcibly entered 4 households without consent or search warrants. Removal from the country proceedings against the 11 individual suing were put on on hold for the period of the trial.
Yesterday the trial was settled with $350k for the arrested immigrants making it the highest settlement amount in history for immigration raid case. ICE spokesperson confirmed the settlement was reached but also pointed out that there was “no liability or fault on the part of the U.S. government”. Removal proceedings were dropped against those 11 aliens involved in the case. Aside from the attorneys Yale Law School students were volunteering during the case. Attorneys charged no fees for this particular case.

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