Abbott pushes for Voter Id bill approval

Sounds like Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is running out of patience towards the Department of Justice approval process of new Texas vote id law. The bill was passed last year by the state legislature. Republicans sponsored legislation requires to produce government issued photo identification such as driver’s license, state ID card or passport upon casting a ballot. The case as in other states is highly partisan, Republicans say it would eliminate election fraud and improve integrity while Democrats are concerned about registered voters unable to vote under new law and point that cases of vote fraud are so rare that can’t be interpreted as relevant. Still Texas among some other Southern states needs DOJ pre-clearance for amending election law due to previous history of discrimination. DOJ requested data for registered voters without IDs cutting for the new law and the state submitted it.

The problem is that data submitted by the state is not broken down by ethnic origin and therefore might be interpreted as irrelevant by the Department which it already warned about. Predicting DOJ denial to clear the bill Abbott asked federal court to rule in the case. To make things more complicated DOJ, a part of Obama administration is seen by many, including Abbott as hostile against the legislation. He said he would drop the case in the court upon getting pre-clearance from DOJ. “The dual track approach is intended to facilitate the fastest possible resolution so that Texas can implement the new law as soon as possible,” said the state Attorney General in his statement on Monday

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