Abu Dhabi: apply for national ID card online

Starting 2012 Abu Dhabi residents can apply and renew the national id card online. This is not only more convenient but also saves money as applying at EIDA center directly costs Dh30 extra. Unfortunately the new convenient way is not for everyone. As of now only Emiratis can deal with EIDA online and Expatriates would have to wait couple of months. Also around 2% of residents registered with EIDA would have to visit a local center again as their fingerprint images stored in the system don’t meet clarity requirements. Even those who have to visit a local EIDA center now have ability to fill the application and schedule an appointment online. This way the visit to the center would be much quicker.
At the same time EIDA warned authorized typing centers against using the e-form commercially. The following statement was issued “As a typing centre, you are legally accountable and bound to follow the typing centre registration process and procedures. If you attempt to avail this online service for typing centre/commercial use, you will be bound to strict fines and legal charges,”
There is also a limitation of 20 forms filled per person per day. This is to prevent system overload as many institutions does it for its employees to save money and hassle

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