Abu Dhabi: national ID card a must for upcoming elections

For the first time in history residents of Abu Dhabi will have to use Emirates national ID card to be able to cast a ballot. Federal National Council elections have been scheduled for September 24th. All the candidates have to regiser by August 17 and the list will be anounced on August 28th. Voting campaign starts on September 4th and has to finish 3 days before the election day. Final results will be published on October the 6th.
National ID card system allows for electronic votes first time in history. The company poviding the technology backend for the election process is Logica Business and Technology. Every voter will be fingerprinted and the data compared with EIDA database, the same agency that issued national ID cards. Although ballot would be casted electronically the polling station will also print out a vote receipt to drop into a ballot box. This way there would be no delay in vote counting process in case of technology issues.
At the present time 880,000 Emiratis have national ID cards and therefore are eligible to vote. The list of citizens allowed to vote will be anounced on July 11. The is no provision plan for absent voters. Anyone who wants to vote and has no national ID card needs to contact local EIDA office for help.

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