Agrentine national ID card contract bribery charges

US Attorney General has set corruption charges against 8 former Siemens AG executives. The case goes back to late nineties when Siemiens won the contract for Argentina national id card (Documentos Nacionales de Identidad). $1 billion contract was won after $100 million in bribes have been transferred to numerous member of Argentina administration. Ironically the contract never went into force as government changed shortly after the deal was signed. Siemens tried to reinstate the contract into force after it was suspended and restore it after it has been cancelled but without success. Bribery was also reported in that activity. Siemens as a company pleaded guilty to corruption charges in the US and Germany, they paid $1.6 billion in settlements. At least 8 Argentina officials were involved in the case but no names have been revealed. Local, well connected businessman provided links between government officials and Siemiens executives. The money was laundered through multiple offshore based companies, fraudulent consulting agreements and invoices were produced to cover up the money flow. One of the execs crossed Germany Switzerland border with $10 million in cash before depositing it in a Swiss bank.
Argentina still doesn’t have national ID card and residents use a booklet type identification document.

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