Alabama joins STAR ID program

Yesterday governor Robert Bentley shown new Alabama driver’s license and state identification card to the public. There are no graphic design changes except for a gold star in the top left corner of the ID card and driver’s license. With the new documents Alabama joins STAR program which stands for Secure Trusted and Reliable, the program complies with the United States Congress passed REAL ID Act of 2005. It sets more rigorous standards for ID documents verification and integrity. New documents will be available only in local DMV offices which offer driver’s license exams.
Current ID cards will be valid till December 1 2014 for those born after Dec 1 1964 and till Dec 1 2017 for those born prior Dec 1964. This regulation applies for entering airports and other federally regulated facilities.
In order to obtain new document one need to bring Social Security card, utility bill with address no older than 90 days, Birth certificate or US Passport and if not a citizen permanent resident card or other Department of Homeland Security document showing legal presence in the US.
Applicants can still get old school documents but will not able to access federal premises after the deadlines

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