Alabama takes off with STAR id card program

Starting this week Alabama residents can apply for driver’s license and state photo it card with a star on it. The gold star means that the document is REAL-ID compliant and makes it sufficient for accessing federally operated premises such airports and federal administration buildings. The new Alabama id cards were shown first in September 2011. REAL-ID act, passed by the Congress in 2005 as a part of higher security requirements policy after September 11 terrorist attacks specifies what supporting documentation needs to be provided in order to obtain state issued photo identification documents.
REAL-ID comes into force in 2 phases. By December 1 2014 all individuals born after December 1 1964 must possess REAL-ID compliant state photo id card or driver’s licenses. For people born before December 1 1964 the deadline is December 1 2017. The cost of the STAR documents are the same as before and they’re valid for 4 years which is also no change from the previous standard. In order to apply for the new documents applicants must be able to present Social Security card, two documents proving principal residence, valid, unexpired US passport or birth certificate (certified copy is acceptable); non-US citizens need to provide appropriate documents issued by USCIS proving their immigration status.

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