alleged cannibal killer caught when looking for id card

Luka Rocco Magnotta was on the top for 10 days when police was chasing him around the world for allegedly killing, dismembering and eating his gay lover in Montreal, Canada.
The story turned shocking when two major Canadian parties received foot and hand of suspected Magnotta victim, 33 years old Chinese student of Concordia University, Lin Jun who was likely to be his lover. During the investigation a video was found on the internet showing Magnotta killing, dismembering and sexually abusing Jun’s dead, limbless corpse.
Thanks to the video material Police quickly identified Magnotta, 29 years old Montreal resident, former gay porn actor and model. In the surrounding of his residence Lin’s corps was found. Magnotta himself was missing and traces have been found that left the country most likely for Europe. Canadian Police contacted Interpol and started to search for Magnotta in 190 countries around the globe.
He was quickly spotted in Paris and recognized on security cameras, he indeed spent couple of nights in surroundings of Paris, France. When French media announced his cell phone was located by the police he threw it away and boarded bus to Berlin, Germany.
While in Berlin he tried to obtain and id card; he was caught when he was recognized in internet cafe. He was browsing internet for content about himself and only use hoodie and sun glasses for cover. Extradition from Germany to Canada paperwork is in progress.
Looks like another psycho after Breivik desperately looking for public attention. Let’s hope he won’t get it this time.

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