Argentina id card gender change available

Argentine Senate has passed gender change bill. According to the new law sex change in any id card must be done upon request. Moreover gender transfer medical procedure including hormone therapy and genital surgery become part of what is it called ‘Obligatory Medical Plan’. This means the medical services related to sex change are under control of the government agencies and rates have to be approved. The bill has been long awaited by people whose physical characteristics don’t match gender identity. Citizens under 18 years of age can also apply for sex change but need parents or legal guardian’s approval, also when parents or legal guardians want to change under age sex they must have his or her consent. Only a judge can overrule lack of juvenile consent for the procedure.
Authorities don’t expect significant rise in demand for the newly offered medical services. Trans sex procedures are difficult, take long time, often painful and irreversible so it’s unlikely that large number of people would apply for them just due to expanded supply base.
Argentina is one of the leaders among transgender friendly countries. In the United States sex cannot be changed on an ID card without going through medical procedures of sex change.

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