authority id badge misuse leads to arrest

A private investigator was arrested in August in front of Yolo County Sheriff’s Monroe Detention Center and charged with impersonating parole officer.
Former employee of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, 52 years old Anthony Vegas allegedly used his retired parole agent id badge to obtain child custody record for the case he was investigating. The way his parole agent identification card was displayed suggested he’s an active duty officer as the label ‘retired’ was covered. Sheriff’s Department Records Office staff got suspicious about Vegas credentials and notified the authorities which lead to investigation.
The suspect was released under his own recognition after being instructed to appear in court for a misdemeanor violation of the law.

Looks like it’s much easier to obtain certain information when acting as law enforcement officer. Private investigator is a licensed profession in California so that not anyone can become one. Shouldn’t these guys been trusted to the point when they can access non-public information at least to investigate their cases? It’s usually retired law enforcement officers who make private detectives so they can be trusted, at least the ones with honorary discharge record. Besides there is nothing wrong with like annual screening of the licensed investigator. Just my two pennies.

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