CA: fake ID card maker arrested

Couple of young men were arrested in Isla Vista, CA earlier this week for making fake id cards. Main suspect Kotarou Maruyama was found to posses several forged California Driver’s licenses. During a search conducted in his residence more fake id cards were found as well as card manufacturing equipment such scanners, computers, printers and card embossers (used for example to press text on credit cards); sheriff’s personel also found illegal substances such cocaine, marijuana and steroids. Maruyama flatmates were also found to posses illegal identification documents. Murayama was charged for forging driver’s license, counterfeiting seal of state of California, fraud, possesion and sales of fake identification cards and possesion of illegal substances. His roommates, Camden Hersherberger, Yuujirou Marujama and Anthony Ugas were charged for posession of illegal substances and fraudulent ID card. All suspects are students of Santa Barbara City College.

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