CA: fake id card ring busted

Long investigation resulted in multiple Mareda county arrests conducted on Wednesday night. Four individuals Juan Vasquez Jimenez,24,Fernando Garcia Martinez, 25, Arcenio Ruiz Bautista,34 and 28 years old Vigilio Martinez have been arrested for possession of counterfeit identification documents while another man 27 year old Misael Martinez-Cervantes got behind bars with charges of producing false id cards, forging state seals as well as possession of counterfeit documents. All suspects are being held in Madera county jail without bail. The gang is suspected of production and distribution of fake id cards including Social Security cards, state photo id cards, driver’s licenses and permanent resident card also known as green cards. About 200 pieces of false identification was secured at the several residences raided by investigation authorities, police has also found $14,000 in cash, half of which is considered counterfeit.
Five month investigation led by Madera County Sheriffs Department, City of Madera Police, Department of Homeland Security Investigations and DMV Investigation unit started in September 2011 after receiving crime tip from an informant.
DMV Director George Valverde was cited saying “Our message is this: if you are engaging in the fraudulent manufacturing of any government document, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent,”.

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