CA: nurse impostors arrested

Two women got arrested last Friday when trying to make a large credit card purchase in Lodi, Ca based JC Penney department store. The credit card they tried to make a purchase with belonged to an elderly disabled man. Christina Amaya, 29, and Elizabeth Marks, 46, allegedly entered the elderly victim home posing as hospital nurses, they had hospital photo id cards and wore medical staff scrubs. Checking on the man’s welfare was the reason for the visit. After the victim has noticed a missing wallet he immediately notified the police and credit card companies. When the police arrived at the residence one of the credit card companies customer services called to notify that the card was just used at Kohl’s department store nearby. When police arrived at Kohl’s suspects were gone already but another call from credit card company pointed the investigators to JC Penney where the arrest took place. Both women were charged with burglary, elder abuse, possession of stolen property, and felonious use of a credit card. It also turned out that Elizabeth Marks had an existing felony warrant for other deeds. While Marks is currently unemployed Amaya was actually training for secretary unit in a local hospital where nurse id badge might have come from. There is at least one more victim of the 2 suspects reported in Galt. Anyone who believes to be a victim of the suspects or knows someone targeted by the 2 women should contact Lodi Police Department at 209-333-6727 or local police.

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