charity id badge and the middle men

United Kingdom: charity street sellers, often called charity muggers or chuggers for short have become a nightmare of many British towns and cities. They work by encouraging people on the street to sign up for ongoing charity contributions. Chuggers wear flashy vests, photo id badge and hold a catalog to show the highlights of the campaign. For people on popular walk passages the problem is that chuggers are very aggressive and intimidating, often stating on the way and difficult to avoid, simple ‘I’m not interested’ is often insufficient. Streets where chuggers populations are high started to scare people off and hurt businesses. In response to high number of complains many town councils ordered that charity runners are only allowed on the streets on couple of designed days a week. Burley and Manchester are the most recent examples of towns which decided to reduce charity collectors presence in the town central district to 2 and 3 days respectively. The goal is not ban charities from the public space but to reduce public exposure to aggressive campaign.
It’s worth to note at this point that if you take a closer look at the chuggers id badge most of them don’t work for the charity directly but rather to charity runner agency. Most of these runners are said to be compensated according to their performance. Simple question arises right here: how much of the funds collected actually go to the ones in needs? Be advised that most of the well recognized and respected charities are very transparent about their financials. For example if you search for ‘Doctors without Borders financials’ on the web you’d quickly find out that 87% funds go to help programs, 12% to fund raising and 1% to administration. Giving to the ones in need is the right thing without a doubt. Unfortunately these days you also need to check how much actually reaches the ones in need. Otherwise you might find out one day they money you contributed in the best faith to charity were actually spent on the chairman’s luxury car and private jet trips.

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