Chicago: fake cops flashing ID badges

Numerous incidents have been reported in Chicago area about unknown men posing as undercover police investigators. During one of the incidents impostors walked into Dorothy Martorano house without knocking and flashed a badge only after spotted by the house residents. They said there was burglary going on in the garage and wanted to search rest of the house for burglars. When Martorano called 911 growing her suspicions impostors promptly left the property. Fake cops worn clothes that prevented recognition such baseball hats and hoodies so there is no detailed suspects desription available. Phony cops also had police style radios. They fled the scene using dark red SUV or navy blue Chrysler Town and County minivan. It’s unclear at this point if any property loss has occured during the incidents.
Chicago Police Department advises that every police officer must carry photo id card and 5 point star badge. Asking a policeman for credentials is not considered resistance. Crime tips for this case can be submited by calling 911

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