cop impostor arrested in Connecticut

A man using police id cards and badges was arrested in Old Saybrook, CT yesterday. David Walshe, 44 years old resident of Rhode island was seen at CVS pharmacy showing fake police ID card and bagde upon making a purchase using a stolen credit card. Then he shown up at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa where he popped in for a spa treatment services using a gift card purchased with stolen credit card. One of the personnel has recognized the man as someone who had purchased items with stolen credit card before. Police was notified promptly and arrested the man after short chase on foot inside the building.
The accused criminal history shows last year conviction in Norwich, CT for stealing cash from Mohegan Sun spa customers and 2009 conviction for casino larcenies. Current charges include 6 counts of criminal impersonation, ten counts of first-degree forgery, one count of fourth-degree forgery, one count of third-degree larceny, five counts of fraudulent use of a credit card and two counts of receipt of goods or services purchased with a stolen credit card.

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