Coronado, CA: check ID badge before letting American Water worker home

California American Water warned its customers of impostors in June 21st press release. Day to day business operations of the company do not require employees or contractors to enter the residents property. Unless the visit was scheduled by the company or by the customer American Water employee showing up at the door is unusual. Customers should never allow property access to individuals acting as American Water employees or contractors unless their identity is confirmed with company issued photo ID badge.
“We are committed to the safety and well-being of our customers as well as our
employees,” said company president Rob MacLean. “Accordingly, we are reminding
residents to follow a few simple steps we’ve provided for them to ensure that only
authorized employees are granted access to their property.”
California American Water advisies the customers to take the following precautions when dealing with company field staff.
– verify employee identity by checking both company issued photo ID badge and state driver’s license. In case of any doubt call California American Water at 1-888-237-1333
– if the person acting as California American Water is unable to produce valid identification do not let the person to enter the property, call 1-888-237-1333 or 911
– if you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to represent California American Water call 1-888-237-1333 to report an incident
– stay in control and do not hesitate to take your time checking the identity before letting enyone home

California American Water is a subsidiary of American Water, publicly traded company (NYSE: AWK), founded in 1886. Company headquarters is in Voorhes, NJ, it serves over 600,000 customers and employs over 7,000 people.

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