CT: TSA ID badge misuse

Donald Eichler, 63 years old Transportation Security Administration worker was arrested yesterday morning near South Windsor. The charge is driving a vehicle to harass or intimidate. According to the police report Eichler was following another vehicle blowing the born and flashed his TSA ID badge. The badge which resembles police badge caused a followed vehicle driver to call 911; the women suspected that the badge is not genuine and the person showing it might be impersonating a police officer. Eichler explanation was that the woman was driving less than 30MPH in 40MPH zone causing long line of cars following to blow the horn. He expected that showing the badge would cause the woman to speed up.
Although the whole situation might look like a result of road rage it contributes to bad opinion TSA staff has for both on and off duty behavior. Using TSA badge off duty to intimidate another person is a violation of the rules. Aside from police charges Eichler may also face disciplinary action within TSA.

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