custom ID badges for kids based on test results

Do you think tagging kids with different colors based on state standarized test results is a good idea? Administration of Kennedy High School in La Palma, California did. Students who performed at advanced and proficient level got black and gold cards while kids who performed under these levels got just plain white cards; notebooks cover colors followed the ID badge scheme. Upper scorers were getting discounts at school events and special treatment in cafeteria.
Nothing wrong with motivation and achievement recognition, right? But it’s very wrong to tag students as low performing, or shall we say stigmatize in this case. There is a long history of well documented psychological experiments and research proving that taging students affects performance, and both ways. If you randomly divide a class of students into 2 groups and keep telling one group that they’re smart and special while telling the other group you’re just average their performance will follow. I refuse to believe that not a single teacher from this school has not heard about the experiments and resarch mentioned above. Or maybe they haven’t, maybe the teaching school same as mid and high schools focus most on test taking strategies. This bridges us to national debate on education. Teachers openly admit that it’s not unusual to spend 50% or more time on test taking strategies. Truth is that knowledge with out test taking strategy can’t do well on a test but how much worth test taking strategies are when it comes to job interview, knowing how to do things or learning new stuff? Isn’t it the areas where we as a nation lag behind not only developed countries?
Custom ID badges are bad idea for motivating kids, psychological experiments including the one in Kennedy High show that this practice leads kids to act their roles as smart and dumb. Local School district is looking into the case.

custom ID badge