DOJ blocks Texas voter ID law

Department of Justice has announced its decision to block Texas election legislation requiring voters to produce photo identification upon casting a ballot. Texas is one the list of the states which have history of violating minority citizens right to vote and therefore requires DOJ pre clearance upon making changes to the election law according to 1965 Voting Rights Act. South Carolina which is in the same boat was denied by DOJ in December 2011 when trying to implement voter id legislation. Unfavorable DOJ decision was expected in Texas case following South Carolina denial and the department was critisized even before announcing the decision on allegations that it takes part in partisan battle. According to the data that Texas supplied upon DOJ request Hispanic voters are highly more likely to lack required photo identification when compared to the rest of the state population. Texas has just under 13 million registered voters and around 2.8 millions are Hispanic which makes the id posession dispropotion significant according to DOJ. Same as South Carolina Texas will most likely to appeal from DOJ decision. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has previously asked federal court to rule in this case. The court is expected to announce the verdict this week.

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