Dubai national id card deadline extended

The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) announced on Saturday that Dubai expatriates will get additional 30 day until June 30th to apply for the id card. This way foreign laborers will be able to avoid 20Dh a day penalties for not getting the document in time.
EIDA admitted it extended the deadline in response to complaints and requests received over the website, mass media and social networking. Still it was pointed out that over 90 percent of the population successfully registered for the identification card no crowds were seen by the typing centers during the days just ahead of previous deadline.
Officials confirmed that coming up with deadlines for applications contributed to increased mobilization of both the nationals and temporary residents. Deadlines announced in September 2011 have been modified a couple of times but not for much depending on the situation.
I give them a credit for how they rolled out the national id card. Such an immense project i pretty short amount of time without significant delays is a notable achievement especially in government administration sector.
The job is far from being over though; integration if the card with government and commercial resources is another challenge for the organization. Since EIDA is one of the world leaders in integrating national identity system with other services there is not much they can learn from others.

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