EIDA decides to check smartphones

Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Etisalat. Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat – communications in English) is the 15th largest mobile phone operator in the world according to Wikipedia. Outside of UAE it operates in other Middle East countries as well as in Asia and Africa. It was also called Forbes Middle East the most powerful company in UAE. The job that company was given by EIDA is to research Near Frequency Communication technology (NFC) use in the national id card program. NFC is very hot in Japan and China where it’s widely used for mobile phone payments; it’s also quickly picking up in the US and Europe. Similar program is run by some US health care insurance companies where a health insurance card is a smart phone application which can transmit the data to the health care provider except no NFC is used in this case. The initiative sounds like a step in the right direction, smartphone seem to be dominating in today’s world. It’s more likely that someone forgets his national id card than hi smartphone. EIDA has put a lot of effort and funds into the national id card program and looks like they don’t want to miss any opportunity for the identification document to become more popular and useful

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