Employee ID card for physical and logical access to company resources

Current state of technology allows for integrating various forms of access into employee id badge. Photo id card integrated with proximity card offers physical identification, logical and physical access. Each company and public institution has various physical access limitations. This could be server room, archive, space restricted for certain department or even office supplies storage. Logical access control remained ahead of physical address control for a long time as computer and networking infrastructure technology development was on the fast lane in past 20 years. Recent progress in proximity ID card readers industry has opened an option for integrating all levels of access. Employee badge can integrate the following functions:

  • accessing building lobby
  • enter company premises main area
  • access department specific space
  • log in to a computer, scanner or fax
  • access file shares and other network resources
  • authenticate to VPN and other remote connectivity solution
  • physical identification
  • secondary authentication (in addition to password, fingerprint or SSL certificate)
  • employee attendance monitoring
  • corporate resources access logging

Integrated system improves flexibility and reduces costs. All areas and levels of access can be managed from single management console. Changes or termination of access have immediate effect.

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