fake sheriff’s deputy badge used for fraudulent purchase

range County, Florida: white man, approximately 30 years old, 5’11”, 210 lbs enters a Jig Stop Tackle and Tours fishing store at 34186 Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point. He shops for around 2 hours carefully selecting merchandise and make close to $3k purchase using a fraudulent check. When ask by the store clerk for identification he shows sheriff’s deputy badge but refuses to take it out of the wallet to make a photocopy. According to the sheriff’s office press release the id badge supposedly belonged to Mission Viejo sheriff’s deputy. We’re sorry for the store for the loss and hope the impostor will be captured. There are at least 2 lessons to be learned from this incident.
Lesson #1 Member of any authority would never use a work badge for authenticating retail store purchase which is clearly off duty use of the id badge this is severely punishable offense by most authorities internal regulations.
Lesson #2 Star badge almost never contains a photo and therefore does not constitute positive identification. Even when on duty most law enforcement are required to present photo id card when requested aside from the badge.
Store clerk had full right to refuse the sale unless photo identification was produced. Moreover he should have called the sheriff’s office right away when the deputy badge was used for off duty identification.

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