Fast ID card for elections

Local elections took place in Romania on June 10th. The elections originally were supposed to be conducted with legislative elections also taking place in 2012 but the Constitutional Court decided against that option.
Election was won by Social Liberal Union (Uniunea Social Liberală) by over 20% margin over the next competitor Democratic Liberal Party (Partidul Democrat-Liberal). The results was interpreted by the commentators as a strong sign of support for the government led by Victor Ponta ahead of legislative elections taking place in November this year.
Turnout is estimated at around 40% out of 18 million registered voters which is within average for this kind of elections in Romania,
Local elections mean test for all level of local government, mayors for towns and villages, county and municipal councils as well as presidents of county councils.
In Romania, similarly to most of European countries government issued identification is required to cast a ballot. Most popular form of identification is the national id card which is a mandatory to every citizen over the age of 14. During the week preceding the elections Romania residents could take the advantage of faster service when applying for the documents for the first time, updating information or replacing a lost one. Due to elections all id card related matters were processed in one day, often during the visit in the office while it normally takes up to a week.
Romania is planning to introduce Electronic Identity Card but original schedule to launch the program in 2011 has been delayed.

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