fingerprint on China ID card

Newly proposed legislation requires fingerprint data to be stored on Resident Identity Cards. In China every citizen age 16 and older is required to have a national photo ID card. By adding additional security to the document law makers expect range of services accessible with the card to expand to areas like banking, public transportation and health care.
Since 2004 China’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) has been issuing second generation id card with data stored on digital chip. Older cards, called 1st generation ID, introduced in 1985 will remain valid thru 2013. It’s estimate that less that 5% of the population still use first generation cards.
Second generation card chips have enough free space to hold additonal data related to fingerprint digital image. This way over 1 billion cards already issued would not have to be replaced but rather additional data would be added.
Aside from expanded functionality the new document will naturally add security as finger prints are unique.

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