Florida teen with MD ID badge not giving up

In September last year we wrote about bold teenager who was working as hospital billing clerk and managed to get himself an id badge of physician assistant. For close to a week he was examining patients, providing medical care and had access to confidential data. After he was fired from the hospital he apparently didn’t give up his desire to be someone else. Thomas Scheidt after being arrested for impersonating physician assistant got out on bail and was awaiting trial for that case in March 2012.
This time he played the role of under cover police officer and he was well prepared, he had white Crown Victoria, laptop, Osceola County Police ID badge, gun, police radio and even a taser. He got busted by accident this time, he stopped a real undercover cop and asked him to buckle up the seat belt. The real detective surprised by the officer young appearance called for support which ended in Scheidt’s arrest.
I wonder if this kid needs help or punishment. He certainly needs monitoring as his ‘Catch me if you can’ stories are getting more and more scary. Sounds like nobody got hurt but a fake police detective with real car and gun is no fun.

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