Fort Zumwalt, MO ID badges remain mandatory for students

Fort Zumwalt school district students will continue to wear ID badges at school when they come back after the summer break. The Board of Education Monday voted 6:1 to maintain the controversial rule however the penalties for not wearing the ID badge have been reduced. The policy requires ID badge to worn and visible at all times when at school premises. Sounding strict policy has its source in the events that took place over 10 years ago when a teenager was holding a student at gunpoint at Fort Zumwalt South High School. Principals point out that ID badges are sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. Keeping the track of which students are not wearing the badges and enforcing the policy seems to be a major headache for school staff. Still the only member who voted againt the policy was Laure Schmid. She pointed out that effort spent on enforcing ID bagde policy could have been used to learn kids names.

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