Georgia new id card causes delay

Georgia is another state which became REAL-ID compliant effective July 1st 2012. Real-ID act is a legislation that passed the Congress in 2005 as a result of security improvements after 9/11 terrorist attack. The ruling sets requirements for application for identification cards and driver’s licenses . Since the beginning program faced delays and deadlines have been rescheduled multiple times.
For Georgia residents couple of changes took place in the way of dealing with Department of Driver Services (DDS). All new applicants as well as first renewal or reinstatement applicants after July 1st 2012 need to come to the Customer Service Center in person. All applicants regardless if they currently hold identification document issued by DDS or not need to prove their legal presence in the United States by bringing US citizenship document (Birth Certificate or Passport) or for non-US citizens proof of legal presence in the country such as Permanent Resident Card or Visa. Also you now have to prove your Social Security Number with the actual card not just provide it. Address proof count was raised from 1 to 2.
DL and ID design introduced in 2010 remain the same with just white star in gold circle added in the top right corner, price schedule also remains unaffected with these changes.
Media reported long lines on the first days new law went into force. Few factors aside from new regulations contributed to the service centers congestion. It is holiday week with Wednesday off and DDS offices are off on Mondays so Tuesday became naturally a busier day because of all that. Additionally heat wave has hit most of the East Coast this week making people more impatient.
As in other states after initial frictions situation should come back to normal after couple of rush days.

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