Germany: Berlin Police unions against ID badges

Police unions in the capital of Germany and at the same time capital of the land of Brandenburg raised concerns on policemen safety who are now suppose to wear ID badges with a unique number which identifies an individual member of service.
As of now Berlin policemen wear no personal identification at all and are obliged to give identification number on demand. Amnesty International, a non government organization originally demanded tags with last names to be worn at all times. Compromised idea of id badges with a unique number was reached in early 2010.
The reasons for the tags is an increase in respect towards public as well reduce of brutality of intervening police force. The fact that a policeman can act anonymously may contribute to his behavior, argue human right activists. On the other hand Police workers union say that wearing any form of individual identification put members of service at risk of being recognized and harassed by criminals while off duty. The concern is even more intense when it comes to officers families and relatives.
It needs to be said at this point that wearing numbered ID badges by the police is very common among European Union countries while wearing last name tags prevails as a trend in the United States. Union members like to bring up an argument that there is diferrent level of respect towards the Police in European countries and US. This might feel very true when you look at the recent riots in the UK when the Police was accussed of acting firm enough.

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