Google+ ID badges

The social networking site Google Plus has introduced a new feature for identity verification. Verification badge will appear next to the profile name when it comes to celebrities, public figures or users who have a lot of followers. The badge will be a grey check mark in a brighter grey circle. Google plans to expand the feature to all users in the future as a part of promoting trustworthy environment policy. Real name policy is a dominating trend among social networking sites. Google Plus main competitor Facebook has been requiring real names since its day one. Many internet media commentators point to real names as one of the factors helping Facebook to knock out MySpace which has been a leader of social networking for few years and allowed anonyms and avatars. Google + launched in June and is estimated to have 25 million memmbers.
Transparency and identification seems to be a solution for many issues of the internet. More and more internet forums, especially the ones on emotional topics such sports and politics look towards full name identification as a remedy to insults which otherwise can reach 95% content saturation making it difficult to read, requiring heavy moderation effort and discouraging users. Similar solutions tries to address email spamming where Sender Policy Framework (SPF) verifies if sender IP address matches the one registered with the domain and therefore denying relay to spoof senders. The technology is resource intensive which causes even major spam filters not using it. Also many valid senders aren’t SFP compliant which makes them spam false positives.
While internet identification is generally perceived as a step in the right direction it also raises some security concerns. While online services assure users that they control which personal information can be made public and who can access it hacker attacks and data leaks still remain potential threats for members privacy.

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