US Green Card wins International Innovation Award

HID Global has announced that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Permanent Resident Card won ACT Canada “International Innovation Award” in Identity Management category. USCIS green card is an ID card issued for US permanent residents. LaserCard, HID Global card is the manufacturer of USCIS documents. New redesigned green card, released in mid 2010 is the first id card to integrate optical security media (OSM) technology and an embedded RFID tag. Combination of optical read data and radio tranmitted data makes the id card security virtually impossible to compromise. Since 9/11 terrorist attacks government agency issued ID cards around the world have been leading the improvement in security.
Cathy Johnston, president of ACT Canada, commenting the award said: “ID security and functionality are pressing concerns for governments worldwide and the card industry must continually innovate to help maintain the integrity, longevity and usefulness of major ID programs, (…) The U.S. Green Card is a leading example of an ID card that leverages advanced technology and manufacturing expertise to enable greater security and functionality.”

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