Gun Owner ID card more popular in Chicago

State officials announced 16 percent increase in applications for firearm when compared to two years ago. Only last year there was almost 80 thousand firearm licenses issued. From January 2011 to January 2012 the number of state residents with valid firearm permits jumped from litlle over 1.3 million to over 1.4 million. According to Illinois law residents who want to acquire a firearm must also get Firearm Owner ID card (FOID). During the application processing State Police checks person’s identity and background. Many commentators suggest the spike is related to the fact of lifting a ban for posessing firearm within the city of Chicago limits that has been in force for 28 years and was lifted in July 2010. The rule lifting the ban also requires gun owners to register it with the City Police. That additional to FOID application step is suspected to make Chicago gun owners skip the registration with the city. There are also comments suggesting that the spike is related to possible Obama administration plans to make it harder to get a gun in the future. Others say that carrying a concealed weapon law may be passed in Illinois soon, it was passed in Wisconsin recently making Illinois the only outstanding state in this matter.

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