New Hampshire voter id bill

A compromise has been reached on how the voter id law should be implemented in New Hampshire. New legislation requires voters to produce photo identification in order to cast a ballot. The subject of the negotiations was when the law should go into full force.The house initially wanted the new rules to go into force this year which caused Secretary of the State concerns. House also wanted voters without id to be photographed while the Senate pushed for only filing the challenged-voter affidavit.
Under the reached compromise users will be asked but not required to produce photo identification in this fall elections and if missing they would submit a challenged-voter affidavit. Effective September 1 2013 photograph requirement would be added to the affidavit for voters unable to produce an acceptable form of identification.
Also acceptable form of identification list was forged in the agreement. Until Sep 1 2013 the list would include state issued driver’s license, state issued non-driver id card, armed services identification, passport and valid student id card. After September 1 2013 student identification will be dropped from the list.
Many of the states have gone through test or pilot phase before enforcing voter id legislation. After bill passing both chambers of the state legislature it still need to be signed by the Governor John Lynch. It’s worth to note at this point that the same governor vetoed voter id legislation last year.
Liberty and anti discrimination groups namely Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire and League of Women Voters have not supported the agreement reached in Congress on the grounds of risk of discrimination of elderly, poor and students who might not have valid form of identification for voting.

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