Hunting for fake sheriff’s deputy id badge holder

It’s been reported that a car was pulled over on Inglewood Ave in Lawndale, Los Angeles suburbs by a motorcycle Sheriff’s deputy. When the deputy came closer to the car the driver noticed that the id badge didn’t look right. The motorcycle looked real with blue and red light flashers and the officer was wearing clothes like sheriff’s deputies do. Described as 35-40 years old male fled the scene when asked which division he is assigned for.
Information or tips regarding this particular incident might be reported to South L.A. Detective Bureau at 323-820-6700. Sheriff’s office also advised that the stopped motorist has right to pull over in well lighted area, ask for photo identification card (aside from the badge every deputy needs to carry departmental photo id card) and ask for a seargant to arrive at the scene.
Fortunately fake cops stopping motorist are not that common and not very harmful. Since they have no real authority they usually just give warnings or ask for simple things such fastening the seat belts or turning the headlights on. Impersonating a police officer is a serious crime though and offenders face strict penalties when convicted. Sometimes they get arrested when trying to pull over a real undercover law enforcement agent as we just recently wrote about such cases in Florida and Texas.

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