ID Badge Options and Advantages to Help Your Business

High Quality ID Badge and ID Card Options To Consider

There is a lot more that goes into producing high quality and highly secure identification cards and badges. The post is intended to highlight some of the industry standards that many companies require for their identification needs. These are things like, HID ISOProx II RfID cards and badges, durable PVC that is at least 50 mils thick, and holographic over lays. All these thing matter when you are considering identification badges for your employees. Additionally, offers all these options at some very affordable rates and are a perfect fit for businesses of any size.

Here are some highlights of our options and their benefits:


Clear overlay on custom ID badges refers to the process of coating the surface of PVC with a layer of protective and clear laminate. Our high quality ID card printers are capable of laminating ID cards right after applying print. Clear overlay on custom ID badges provides a wide range of advantages including the following.

It Makes Cards Last Longer

Laminated cards are usually thicker compared to non laminated cards. The extra thickness helps protect cards from various physical damages such as cracking and bending. Laminated cards also help protect surfaces of the cards since water and dirt are kept off of the surface of the cards while still keeping the cards visible. This kind of protection enables cards last longer.

It makes cards look professional

Although the main purpose of ID cards is to identify wearers, it’s also important to ensure that cards projects professional look especially at a job site.

Keep in mind that a badge that you issue can be the first thing that a guest sees after signing in with the receptionist. Having a great ID card is a great deal while having a damaged ID card is definitely a deal breaker.

Laminating employees ID cards will keep their cards looking professional just like the day they came out of the printer thereby ensuring a professional look for all employees.

All our cards are made of standard vinyl to protect against water damage, dirt and scratches.

Why laminate your card?

  • Laminated cards last longer compared to non laminated cards thereby helping you save money in the long run.
  • Your card will be protected from bending, water damage, scratches, dirt and cracks.
  • It offers durable layer of protection.
  • The card will be able to tolerate heat.
  • Your card will be protected from chemicals and daily wears and tears.

We offer different sizes and thickness of laminating pouches thereby enabling you protect different sizes of cards.

 Holographic ID Card ExampleHOLOGRAPHIC OVERLAY

Holographic overlay is a thin adhesive laminate sheet applied to the surface of an ID card. The thin sheet appear totally clear at some angles while logo or custom text appear by reflecting light at some angles. The main benefit of Holographic overlay is to prevent ID card from being copied. When a scammer recreates an ID card with your credentials, it will be very easy to tell it’s fake.


Holographic overlay is just like applying a sticker. Each and every Holographic overlay comes with a tab at the very end thereby making it extra easy to separate overlay from a liner. Before applying overlay, you should make sure that the card doesn’t have any dust and debris. Simply place overlay onto the card and smooth it out. That’s it. No heating required.

Why use Holographic overlay?

The reasons of using Holographic overlay are as follows.


Holographic overlay is widely used for security purpose. It is impossible to duplicate Holograms and this is the main reason why it has become an important part in government and commercial security programs.

Highly valued

Since Holographic overlay have impressive appearance, it is more likely that many will bring them to quick notice.

High retention

ID cards with holographic overlay can be treasured for a long period of time which is not the case with cards that have no holographic overlay.

Benefits of Holographic overlay

  • The cannot be copied/they combat counterfeiting
  • They cannot be manufactured cheaply from scratch
  • They provide hidden identity
  • They add greatly to clients perception of quality
  • They increase brand sales

Different applications

Holographic overlay can be applied to a wide range of products such as.

  • Parking passes
  • Company ID cards
  • Driver’s license
  • Membership Cards
  • ID badge

Holographic overlay is normally considered as the easiest and the quickest way to add visual security to an existing card.


ID cards exist in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Each and every type of ID card has specific uses and functions. Dimensions normally consists of three measures namely thickness, length and width. Thickness is measured in millimeters (mil) and ranges from 10 to 50mil.

The thickness of a standard card which is used for almost all ID cards and credit cards is 30mil. Compared to 30mil cards, 10mil cards are less flexible, less expensive and less durable. 10mil cards are normally used for business cards and for temporary badges. Standard ID cards are commonly used as student ID cards, attendance tracking and library cards.

50 mil cards on the other hand offer added thickness which protects against bending and cracking. Our standard 30 mil PVC cards which have the same thickness as credit cards are rigid enough for use in most applications.

Our reliable and friendly experts are always available to help you choose your preferred thickness.


ISOPROX II card offers great security since it allows users create unique code sequences. It is made up of a flexible and strong composite material resistant to cracking and breaking and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is mainly considered as a cost effective way to add security to an organization.

Key features

  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Same size and thickness just like a credit card.
  • Quality surface for graphics which is already optimized for Photo ID printing.
  • For more demanding wear and tear environments, the card is available in standard PVC construction as well as composite PVC.


  • The card offers proximity technology and photo identification capability on one access control card.
  • The card can be easily produced with visual security as well as counterfeiting features such as custom logo and custom text.
  • The cards can easily withstand high temperatures. is committed to providing industry leading technologies in the ID card and ID badge arena. We offer a full range of industry standard printing mediums to meet any need and level of security. As always, there’s never a minimum order and you can customize your ID card anyway you want with our online id card maker. Learn more about our ID Card options – or Start Designing Your Card Today.